Brass Hinges

The most common type of hinge used for hanging doors around the home is the "butt hinge". They are available in many different finishes Brass polished, brass lacquared, antique finish, oxidized black, satin lacquared, chromium, steel finished.

Brass Tower Bolt(Door Bolts)

Tower bolts or Door Bolts are of wide varieties in different material. Used for locking differrent sizes of windows and doors, garden gates, sheds, cabinet door, bedroom door, main door, etc.

Brass Baby Latch

Individual latches will indicate the fasteners as they are used most often for door which should be easy accessibility like for children's bathroom or in a hospitals for patient's room.

Brass Bracket

Used for making a self from glass, wood or when need as a support for any glass in a table or creating a self on a corner etc.


Used for joining light, medium and heavy wooden frames, planks, partitions, garden tables and chairs, etc.